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MesazhTitulli: Do you know this?   Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:39 am

Hello. @patdog or whom may concern,I don't know why you're getting errors while using DVD Shrink and Nero 7, but I ripped it via File Mode and it went smoothly.Below is the method I used and it successfully ripped using DVD Decrypter via File Mode, then I have DVD Shrink set on "Deep Analysis" and plus "Maximum Sharpness" on the quality, which it took 2 passes (again, I still prefer Nero Recode 2 because Recode 2 is much faster). However, for this movie WAR OF THE WORLDS, I'm going to use DVD Shrink. Finally, I burned it with Nero Burning Rom (yes...it's Nero 7 Premium) -- overall, it's flawless. *NOTE: (1) for this movie, I'm going to burn with Nero Burning Rom. (2) when you're going to "encode" with DVD Shrink you can set the Target to be either burn with Nero or create ISO Image and burn with DVD Decrypter.A) make a folder in hard drive called WAR OF THE WORLDS and VIDEO_TS inside "WAR OF THE WORLDS"B) now DVD Decrypter is done so you can exit out. C) open up DVD Shrink ,click Open Files and just encode it as your usual shrinking steps.D) now I'm going to burn using Nero Burning Rom
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Do you know this?
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